Buying Out of Stock Books Through Amazon

The Lake District book that I want is out of stock!

Sometimes our page about a particular book will tell you that it is currently "out of stock".  Sometimes it may indicate that supplies are expected soon. At other times there will be a message to the effect that it is not known when it will become available again.

When this happens do not worry. "Out of stock" usually does not mean that you can't get a copy.

Books bought through our site are normally delivered by  Your payment will be to them and they will organise everything.  We will receive our payment from them in due course. "Out of stock", therefore, means that there is no copy on the Amazon shelves.

So how do I get a copy?

The Amazon system enables you to buy not only from Amazon itself but also from dealers using their services. Some of these are small businesses, others are very large organisations.

When you click on the "Buy Now from Amazon" button you will be taken to a page on the Amazon site where, underneath the price box you will usually see two links. One of these is to "Used" copies (which can sometimes be almost indistinguishable from New); the other to New copies from a variety of dealers, each with their own pricing.

When selecting a dealer taken note of the following:

  • Look for five stars and a high percentage "positive" score;
  • If the copy offered is "Used" read the description carefully; popular titles described as ex-library may show quite a bit of wear and tear; usually this will be made clear;
  • Check their location (they may be overseas in which case check what they say about delivery time);
  • Check the total of price plus delivery to see whether this is acceptable to you.

What about Quality?

All I can say is that I have personally bought many books in this way for my own collections and have never yet had to return a book.

Incidentally, you can very often find good prices by this route even when it is not showing as out of stock.

Why Are You Encouraging Me To Buy At Lower Prices?

Firstly, thank you for being concerned about my income.  Of course we will receive less in our month-end payment from Amazon if you buy cheaper books.  However, we like to have happy customers.


- David Murray -

December 2015