Lake District Industry

Long before the tourists came and the Romantic movement redefined the landscape the Lake District was the working environment of generations of Cumbrian people. They farmed the land, grew trees and used the wood, quarried the slate, tunneled into the mountains to mine the copper, lead and iron. Yes, this was a workplace, not an holiday centre, and the larger lakes for centuries were industrial waterways carrying cargoes in and out. The towns and villages had their local craft industries. In West Cumbria major industrial towns developed, and then over time declined as national and international economies changed. This section of our site carries books charting the history of how Lake District people lived and worked. Sadly, some of the most helpful books are now out of print but we'll constantly be on the lookout for new titles.

The Biscuit Girls

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Wings Over Sands, John Nixon

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The Oxenholme Hounds

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Roughton Gill

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